3 cool gadgets for office

The working environment does not have to be boring with these awesome innovative gadgets

Usually, the workplace is meant to be functional and low-key without any stuff that is against the company rules. However, it is still possible to make your office space empowering and enjoyable with the help of inventions that can boost your productivity.


AirBar is an innovative plug-and-touch device that can be easily attached to your regular notebook via USB. You can perform different actions on the screen with your fingers such as pinching, zooming, swiping or scrolling. Using paintbrush, holding video conferences and client presentations with the help of AirBar can significantly improve interactivity.

Standing Desk + Treadmill

This tool represents a great combination of two activities such as working and improving your health. You can increase your productivity and make sure that you keep fit at the same time.

Noise-canceling headphones

If you happen to work in a busy office and you have to concentrate, noise-canceling headphones are a must-have. The innovative technology blocks the distractions allowing you to effectively concentrate on what you are working on.


Author: Jeanne Stevens