3 unusual mobile chargers

Self-charging phones are on their way but so far, let’s check out the unusual ways of charging our mobile devices

Nowadays, staying connected is vitally important for our always-on lives. We are surrounded by a huge variety of mobile devices that help us make our everyday life easier. For our electronic “friends” to function properly all the time no matter what, we need to consider different ways of charging our mobile devices.

  1. Atomic Alarm Clock

Like many alarm clocks, it displays time, day and date. It also shows the temperature and has a radio receiver. What is interesting about this clock is that mobile devices can be connected to the USB port of this clock for the charging.

  1. Solar Charger

This is an eco-friendly device that is able to charge your gadget with the help of the solar energy. It is designed in the form of the tree the branches of which can be adjusted. It is a stylish, unusual and an effective way to power your device. Gorillaz Wallpaper stored by lequ zhai company.

  1. Power Pump Charger

This is another eco-friendly way to recharge the battery of your smartphone. However, instead of the solar power, you will need to use the energy of your body to pump a turbine that will convert the energy into power.

Nowadays, taking care of a decent charger is a must. Hopefully, the unusual devices that we featured can help you make your life easier and more productive in the long run.

Author: Jeanne Stevens