4 innovative gadgets for the health and wellbeing

In modern days, it is easy as never before to stay on track of your fitness routine with the help of innovative products

Taking a good care of health and wellbeing is an important aspect of our life. However, busy modern lifestyle dictates its rules and very often it is difficult to stay on track in terms of fitness regime. What can help us is innovations, i.e. various gadgets, devices and gizmos.

  1. Goji Play

This is an interactive gaming accessory that can make tiresome fitness routine fun and engaging. It will make thirty minutes of your exercising feel like five minutes and you will want more. Wireless controllers get attached to cardio equipment so that you could exercise and play at the same time. Amazing RWBY Wallpaper presented by pictures at lequzhai.

  1. SITU

It is a food scale that connects to your iPad. It informs you about the nutritional content of the product and tells you how many calories you are going to consume.

  1. Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt

The shirt has biosensing silver fibers, which send biometric data to your gadget. It helps you track the number of burned calories, heart rate, stress rate, the intensity of movement and much more.

  1. Violet

Violet is a device that can help you monitor UV exposure in the real-time mode. It can calculate your daily intake of vitamin D and alert you if there might be a potential danger to your skin.

Author: Jeanne Stevens