A camera without a lens. Is it possible?

Engineers at the University of Utah presented a camera able to take pictures without any lens

A new discovery was made by University of Utah engineers who created a lensless camera. How is it possible? Instead of a lens, a glass window was used to capture photos.

A typical camera that we use nowadays can catch an image even without the lens. The thing is that the image received in such a way will be blurry and pixelated. The scientists decided to create a computer program, which can decode the photo captured without the lens. During their research, they proved that it is indeed possible.

There was a number of tests conducted by the scientists during which a camera had contact with one side of the window. The machine ran a certain algorithm with the help of which it became possible to decipher a picture. The image was a low-resolution one but, nevertheless, it was definitely recognizable. Camera used for the experiments was inexpensive and to get images of higher resolution, more powerful camera sensor needs to be used.

Potentially, lensless cameras may be used in multiple ways, from security devices to a biometric screening. Currently, the research continues and the engineers promise to develop the system even further. Provided by Star Images at Lequzhai.com.

Author: Jeanne Stevens