Astronomers discover a unique radio bridge between two clusters of galaxies

Astronomers have discovered the first unique “radio bridge” that connects two clusters of galaxies, located about a billion light years from us. Huge magnetic fields that stretch between clusters, create a cloud of plasma, emitting radio waves, whose length amounts to 10 million light years. The given cloud appears to be a part of a single thread of a mysterious space network running across the entire Universe.

The space between groups as well as clusters of galaxies is not entirely empty and dark. So-called “threads” of an extremely rarefied gas in the plasma state link those space objects.

These threads form one global space network. However, the study of both individual threads and the global network is significantly hampered by the fact that the entire Universe is stuffed with brighter objects, radiating powerful radiation into space, against the background of which the signals from the threads are below the level of natural noise.

Author: Jeanne Stevens