Best file sharing apps for Android devices

Still using Bluetooth for sharing files? There are dozens of new ways for faster and more efficient data transfer between your smartphone and laptop (or PC). Many users might feel embarrassed when it comes to choosing the best app for these purposes. Here you will find the best solutions for sharing data that are super fast and incredibly easy to use.

  • This app remains to be one of the most popular smart file transfer utilities. You can easily move photos, videos, games, apps and even big files dozens of times faster than Bluetooth.
  • This solution can boast to be completely cross-platform. In other words, you can share data between various kinds of devices, including Window Phone, iPhone, Android and PCs. The app doesn’t require any wifi connection or mobile network for transferring data.
  • Being incredibly fast, SuperBeam can easily transfer several files simultaneously. Furthermore, it stores your transferred history for maximum convenience.
  • Xender has a whopping 10MB per second transfer speed. It is able to share different files with different users at the same time. The app is absolutely easy-to-use and has a pleasant design.

Author: Jeanne Stevens