LinkSquare as a revolutionary scanner to improve your daily life

See the world from a different perspective with a new innovative gadget launched by Stratio

If you are one of those who actively care about yourself and your family, a new gadget LinkSquare is at your help in the way, which is hard to believe in. A huge variety of everyday things can be checked at a molecular level by this small handheld spectrometer. It can scan many different items ranging from food to money with the aim of ensuring the health and personal security.

Each object displays different responses to various wavelengths of light. The device uses an ultra-sensitive infrared sensor in order to capture data, make analysis and detect whether the product is fraudulent. It is made for the everyday use and can make sure that you know exactly what you consume. By decoding a unique object’s identity, LinkSquare is able to tell you whether a food product is fresh or it is no longer suitable for consumption and, therefore, is dangerous for your health. It can help identify whether medicines that you were prescribed are exactly what they appear to be. The device can also figure out whether money is counterfeit.

In a revolutionary way, Stratio company made infrared vision available for everyday use and there are a lot more useful features to come since the developers continue to improve the product with Chery QQ by Glory4Cars.

Author: Jeanne Stevens