Meet your BUDDY – An innovative companion robot for all the family

If you have ever dreamt of having a friendly robot in your household, get your hands on BUDDY

BUDDY is a first social robot that was created by Blue Frog Robotics with the aim of entertaining people in the household regardless of their age. However, this clever tech gadget was invented not only for the amusement. This adorable robot can easily educate, protect, interact with the family members asking and answering questions. It can make video calls, send messages to your close ones and show what happens at your house while you are at work. It can welcome you when you get back home from work and it can even show that it is upset when you do not pay enough attention to it. BUDDY can be a photographer, videographer, storyteller and it can help you at the kitchen by offering different recipes. It can be helpful to any person in your household and, in particular, BUDDY can offer assistance to the senior member by reminding to take medicine on time and by providing help with accessing different devices.

BUDDY is easy to use and technical specialists suppose it to be a revolutionary tech gadget in the world of robots. It is still to be improved but at the moment, 60 cm high BUDDY is an amusing emotional robot, which can improve your life and can become a real member of your family.

Author: Jeanne Stevens