Sophos releases the AI-based project for security

With the evolution of viruses and other threats, the security software is also about to evolve. With the help of AI features, it can get much more results than earlier. The Sophos company releases its Project Darwin to improve the security of the business.

The goal of Project Darwin is to protect companies from different threats by using AI algorithms. This tool can be used not only for protection from threats that we already know but also from viruses that still don’t exist.

It is like predictive security and it increases the security of any company in the world with thousands of different threats. To get the best protection from it, companies will need to build software and use right approaches that will help them to protect their data even from viruses that have not been released yet.

The system will be able to adapt to different threats and the security problem rather than using the classic unchangeable algorithms of protection. Project Darwin will be released with the latest version of the Intercept platform by Sophos.

Its deep learning network analyses millions of different threats and can warn users about new attacks that may damage their files. However, to have such protection, companies would need to configure this software in an appropriate way.

Author: Jeanne Stevens