Technologies that Shape the New Gambling Industry

Technologies that Shape the New Gambling Industry

One of the biggest online industries, online gambling, has also been influenced a lot by the achievements of modern technologies. They shape the way we see and understand not only the online world but life as we know it. Today, we’ll focus on how the latest innovations can change online casinos and online gambling experience.

Top technologies that rule the world

One of the most trending technology is face ID. The recognition technology can be observed in many devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. It can also be used to authorize the payments as well as in many other industries. However, what difference does it make for casinos? First of all, it’ll reduce the number of frauds and scammers. In addition, the technology can be combined with the 3D cameras to create your virtual avatar. Using it, you can explore the online casino as if you are actually in it. Face recognition can also repeat your expressions and help you get an amazing experience of online gambling.

The modern technologies also allow gesture recognition. This feature lets you control the game with your hands. Using a 3D camera, the online casino keeps track of 22 points on your hands (which allows recognizing the gestures). Soon you’ll be able to enjoy spinning a roulette at simply with a wave of your hand.

Furthermore, such technologies as VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) also found their places in the industry. The VR and AR headsets will deliver a unique experience of online gambling. You’ll immerse in the virtual world of casino and will be able to walk in it and choose the slots and card tables you like. It’s the ground-breaking change that will take online gambling to the next level.

The implementation of these technologies will be possible with the help of one more technology – 5G Internet. The 5th generation of Internet connection will solve many issues like latency and let you enjoy the higher quality online casino games.

In addition, blockchain technology that is the most trending technology can help online casinos get better, more transparent, and attract more clients. This technology also allows the users to perform the transactions faster, cheaper and with the cryptocurrencies. The combination of these technologies will take the online gambling industry to the next level.

Author: Jeanne Stevens