The Fastest VPN for Gaming on Android

Using a VPN is a good choice to keep your data protected, smartphone optimized, and gaming experience improved. A reliable provider is sure to provide you some extra benefits and cover not only your Android but other household devices like laptops, PCs, etc. Let’s find out more about why you need it and which companies now offer the best services on the market.

The advantages of using a VPN on Android

There have recently been more attacks and data collection. When using a VPN, no one can collect yours since you use another server which encrypts your data and hides your IP address.

Moreover, if you are a competitive gamer, you already know that ISP trolling and DDoS attacks can stop you from winning and ruin your gaming experience in general. That’s another reason why you need to get a trustworthy VPN provider.

Finally, some VPN experts also warn you that far from all providers deliver good speeds and can secure a safe session. That’s why when you get a VPN for gaming to setup on Android, it’s important you pick only the best from the best.

3 reasons to avoid free VPN for gaming

While there are companies that offer free services, this won’t be the best choice for your gaming experience. Even if you get a free version of the top VPN, you are sure to be limited.

For one thing, there is often a bandwidth limit. Some providers offer only up to 500Mb per month which won’t be enough for gaming.

Moreover, a free version often has lower speeds and poor choice of servers. In the best-case scenario, you’ll be able to choose from 5-6 countries. However, you might not get this choice at all and get an automatic random connection. If you use a VPN to access a game which is blocked in your region, this won’t work for you.

Top VPN you can definitely use for gaming

NordVPN is a very good choice since it keeps your connection safe and delivers high speeds. Moreover, you’ll be able to cover other devices and unlock streaming devices like Netflix. Clearly, if it can do this, the performance is going to be great.

Another very popular option is ExpressVPN. It’s not the cheapest one here but it often takes the no. 1 place in different tests and reviews. When it comes to speed, it also shows excellent results.

CyberGhost is a good option, too. While it’s not the biggest one, the user-friendly interface and lots of customization elements make it great for Android users.

Author: Jeanne Stevens